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New operating times for Gateway Shuttle
January 2022

From 31st January 2022, Gateway Shuttle will run every 10 minutes from 04:45 – 23:09.

We recognise that since Gateway Shuttle first started operating in September 2019, East Midlands Gateway has experienced significant growth, leading to a variety of shift patterns starting and ending at different times throughout the day. To give more employees the option to use the shuttle bus and to make it easier for them to travel between the bus interchange and their workplace, SEGRO has decided to extend the service times.

We’ll be monitoring the demand for the service as East Midlands Gateway continues to develop, to ensure it remains available and accessible for most people working onsite.

Free bike hire scheme launches at East Midlands Gateway
July 2020

A new bike hire scheme has been launched at SEGRO Logistics Park East Midlands Gateway (SLPEMG) to make it quicker and easier for employees of all the companies based on the 700-acre site to get around.

This free bike hire scheme, which is part of SEGRO’s commitment to sustainability, could be especially useful for employees commuting to the site using public transport as it will provide an alternative travel option to the onsite shuttle bus to complete the last leg of their journey.

Safety measures will be put in place to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 for those using the bicycles. These include making hand sanitizer available, advising all employees to wash their hands when arriving at work and daily cleaning of the bikes.

On arrival at the EMG bus interchange, you can simply unlock one of the bikes and cycle on the shared path along the length of the logistics park to reach each unit. The scheme is managed through an app called Donkey Republic, which is available for all Apple and Android devices. By having a single platform for staff to rent, unlock, and lock the bikes, the process is straightforward and does not require much planning ahead.

Employees working at SLPEMG can register onto the bike hire scheme using any email address and they have 30 minutes use of the bikes for free. After making their journey, the bikes should be returned and locked up in the cycle shelters at the building they work in or at the bike hub next to the public transport interchange.

Andrew Pilsworth, Business Unit Director of National Logistics at SEGRO said:

“The new bike hire scheme will make it possible for those employees travelling to East Midlands Gateway by public transport to complete the last part of their commute by bike.

“Encouraging more people to cycle within the site is also great for personal wellbeing and aligns with current government guidance on promoting active travel. We are proud to be working in partnership with Nottingham City Council and local cycling charity Ridewise, to deliver this scheme for employees.

The bikes provide an opportunity for people to add in a little bit of extra physical activity at the start or end of their day. We’re hopeful it will inspire people to consider cycling for other journeys and encourage a sustainable approach when travelling more widely.

We’re looking forward to seeing the scheme really take off…

For more information on the bike hire scheme, please click here

Active Travel Without the Hassle
January 2020

Many people underestimate the role walking and cycling have on health, keeping you fit by burning calories as well as releasing endorphins to help get rid of those everyday pressures – we all have them! And let’s not forget, cars cost money, walking and cycling don’t. Here are a few things to look out for that will help you fit active travel into your journey to work…

Bike hire
We’re exploring the option of introducing a FREE bike hire scheme that you can use to travel between the bus interchange and your workplace! Once you get off the bus, you’d use one of the bikes to finish the last leg of your journey. More details coming soon…

Bicycle User Group (BUG)
This year, East Midlands Gateway will have its own Bicycle User Group to support people who cycle to work. The BUG will be a platform to discuss any opportunities that might improve your journey to work by bike. Details on how to register will be shared soon.

New Shared Footpath Opening
This Spring, there will be a new shared footpath from the West of the site connecting with Castle Donington. This means that anyone living in Castle Donington will have easy access to work by foot or bike – give it a go once it opens!

Introducing the Airline 9
November 2019

There’s a new bus service operating from Burton upon Trent to East Midlands Airport. There is one bus every hour, and it runs early until late, stopping at Melbourne, Ashby, Swadlincote, and Newhall. So, if you live in any of these areas, the bus could be a good option for your commute! From the airport, you can catch either Skylink Express, Skylink Nottingham, or Skylink Derby to get to East Midlands Gateway.

No Cash, No Fuss
October 2019

Trentbarton has introduced contactless payments on all their Skylink services, so you won’t need to worry about searching for coins at the bottom of your bag anymore. Simply tap your debit card onto their contactless payment machines and be on your way! It’s less hassle and means that using the bus is even easier.

The Gateway Shuttle
September 2019

You might have seen the new electric shuttle bus making its way around the site since it started operating at the beginning of the month. The Gateway Shuttle is perfect for those needing a quick connection to the bus interchange and it’s completely free to use. It operates from 5:10am – 9:10am and 16:00pm – 19:00pm, 7 days week. As the service departs the bus interchange every 10 minutes, you’re less likely to have a manic rush when making a journey to work.

A Busy ‘Bus Week’ for Kuehne + Nagel
September 2019

Travelling by public transport to East Midlands Gateway needn’t be difficult, and Kuehne + Nagel showed their staff exactly how it can be done by pulling together a great campaign to demonstrate how easy it is to use the bus. Staff had the opportunity to speak to local bus provider trentbarton and were given access to timetables and ticket information to help answer any queries about travelling by bus. Staff were also offered bus taster tickets to encourage them to try the bus for the day. The week aimed to promote public transport as a convenient and cheaper alternative to using the car, for those who may not have considered using the bus before.

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